Version: 2017.2
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The NetworkManager is a higher level class that allows you to control the state of a networked game. It provides an interface in the editor to control the configuration of the network, the prefabs used for spawning, and the scenes to use for different network game states.

See Using the NetworkManager for more details on these properties.


属性: 功能:
autoCreatePlayer Flag to automatically add a player when a client connects.
channels The number of transport layer QoS Channels.
client The current NetworkClient being used by the manager.
connectionConfig Advanced custom network configuration data.
customConfig Flag to use custom network configuration (advanced).
dontDestroyOnLoad Flag to make the NetworkManager persist between scenes.
globalConfig The transport layer global configuration to be used.
isNetworkActive True if the NetworkServer or NetworkClient is active.
logLevel The level of network logging to write.
matches The list of matches that are available to join.
matchHost Matchmaker host address.
matchInfo A MatchInfo instance that will be used when StartServer() or StartClient() are called.
matchMaker The UMatch matchmaker object.
matchName The name of the current match.
matchPort Matchmaker host port.
matchSize The maximum number of players in the current match.
maxConnections The maximum number of connections allowed by the server.
maxDelay The maximum time in seconds to delay buffered messages.
migrationManager The migration manager being used with the NetworkManager.
networkAddress The network address to connect to.
networkPort The network port used to listen on and connect to.
numPlayers The number of active player objects across all connections on the server.
offlineScene The scene to switch to when the network goes off-line.
onlineScene The scene to switch to when the network goes on-line.
packetLossPercentage The percentage of packet loss to add when network simulator active
playerPrefab The prefab to instantiate for players when a client connects.
playerSpawnMethod Choose Random to spawn players at randomly chosen startPositions. Choose Round Robin to cycle through startPositions in a set list.
runInBackground Flag to make the player run in the background by default.
scriptCRCCheck Flag for using the script CRC check between server and clients.
secureTunnelEndpoint End point for XBox Live connectivity.
serverBindAddress The IP address to bind the server to.
serverBindToIP Flag to tell the server whether to bind to a specific IP address.
simulatedLatency Latency in milliseconds to add when network simulator active.
spawnPrefabs The set of registered spawnable prefabs.
startPositions The set of NetworkStartPosition objects found in the scene.
useSimulator Flag to use network conditions simulation.
useWebSockets This makes the NetworkServer listen for WebSockets connections instead of normal transport layer connections.
Network Lobby Player
Network Manager HUD