Version: 2022.2
Language : English
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Implementing a Store

Amazon Appstore and Amazon Underground Store

Extended functionality

Amazon User ID

To fetch the current Amazon User ID for other Amazon services, use the IAmazonExtensions:

public void OnInitialized
    (IStoreController controller, IExtensionProvider extensions)
    string amazonUserId = 
    // ...

Sandbox testing in Amazon

To use Amazon’s local Sandbox testing app, generate a JSON description of your product catalog on the device’s SD card using the IAmazonConfiguration extended configuration:

var builder = ConfigurationBuilder.Instance(
// Define your products.
builder.AddProduct("someConsumable", ProductType.Consumable);
// Write a product description to the SD card 
// in the appropriate location.

When using this method to write product descriptions to the SD card, declare the Android permission to write to external storage in the test app’s manifest:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" /> 

Remove this extra permission before publishing, if appropriate.

Amazon Sandbox is now set up for local testing. For more information, please see Amazon’s App Tester documentation.

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Implementing a Store