Version: 2022.2
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IMGUI events

The IMGUI event family refers to IMGUI events that directly affect the Unity Editor, and are Editor-only events.

UI Toolkit receives its events from the IMGUI events in the Editor. If there are IMGUI events that don’t fit into other event types, they fall under the IMGUI event family. Currently, IMGUI events support mouse and keyboard inputs tailored for the Unity Editor. UI(User Interface) Allows a user to interact with your application. Unity currently supports three UI systems. More info
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Toolkit runtime panels might receive events that don’t originate from IMGUI.

Event Description Trickles down Bubbles up Cancellable
IMGUIEvent Sent to encapsulate IMGUI-specific events. Yes Yes Yes

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Event used to encapsulate IMGUI-specific events.

Contextual menu events
Event examples