Version: 5.6
Legacy Animation System


This is the Legacy Animation component, which was used on Game Objects for animation purposes prior to the introduction of Unity’s current animation system.

This component is retain in Unity for backwards-compatibility only. For new projects, please use the Animator component.

动画检视面板 (Animation Inspector)
动画检视面板 (Animation Inspector)


属性: 功能:
动画 (Animation) The default animation that will be played when Play Automatically is enabled.
Animations A list of animations that can be accessed from scripts.
Play Automatically Should the animation be played automatically when starting the game?
Animate Physics Should the animation interact with physics?
Culling Type Determines when the animation will not be played.
        Always Animate 始终进行动画化。
        Based on Renderers 基于默认动画姿势进行剔除。
        Based on Clip Bounds Cull based on clip bounds (calculated during import), if the clip bounds are out of view, the animation will not be played.
        Based on User Bounds Cull based on bounds defined by the user, if the user-defined bounds are out of view, the animation will not be played.

See the Animation View Guide for more information on how to create animations inside Unity. See the Animation Import page on how to import animated characters.

Legacy Animation System