Version: 5.6
Unity 中的旋转和方向

Trouble Shooting

本部分介绍使用 Unity 时可能出现的常见问题。每个平台在下面单独说明。

Platform Trouble Shooting

Geforce 7300GT on OSX 10.6.4

  • Deferred rendering is disabled because materials are not displayed correctly for Geforce 7300GT on OX 10.6.4; This happens because of buggy video drivers.

On Windows x64, Unity crashes when my script throws a NullReferenceException

Script Editing

Is there a way to get rid of the welcome page in MonoDevelop?

  • Yes. In the MonoDevelop preferences, go to the Visual Style section, and uncheck “Load welcome page on startup”.

Why does my script open in MonoDevelop when I have selected Visual Studio as my script editor?

  • This happens when VS reports that it failed to open your script. The most common cause for this is an external plugin (e.g. Resharper) popping up a dialog at startup, requesting input from the user - this will cause VS to report that it failed to open.


Slow framerate and/or visual artifacts.

  • This may occur if your video card drivers are not up to date. Make sure you have the latest official drivers from your card vendor.


  • Shadows also require certain graphics hardware support. See Light Performance page for details.
  • Check if shadows are not completely disabled in Quality Settings.
  • Shadows on Android and iOS have these limitations: soft shadows are not available and in forward rendering rendering path only a single directional light can cast shadows. There is no limit to the number of lights casting shadows in the deferred rendering path.

Some of my objects do not cast or receive shadows

对象的渲染器 (Renderer) 必须启用 Receive Shadows 选项才能在对象上渲染阴影。此外,对象必须启用 Cast Shadows 选项才能在其他对象上投射阴影(这两个选项都是默认打开的)。

只有不透明对象才能投射和接受阴影。这意味着使用内置透明着色器或粒子着色器的对象不会投射阴影。在大多数情况下,可以对栅栏、植被等对象使用透明镂空着色器。如果使用自定义编写的着色器,这些着色器必须采用像素光照并使用几何渲染队列。使用__顶点光照 (VertexLit)__ 着色器的对象不能接受阴影,但可以投射阴影。

只有__像素光照__会投射阴影。如果想确保光源始终投射阴影,而不管场景中有多少其他光源,那么可以将其设置为 Force Pixel 渲染模式(请参阅光源参考页面)。

Unity 中的旋转和方向