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Кривые анимации и события

Основные вопросы

What’s “Mecanim”?

Mecanim was the name of the animation software that we integrated into Unity. Early in the 4.x series of Unity, its abilities were tied specifically to humanoid character animation and it had many features which were uniquely suited for that purpose, and it was separate to our old (now legacy) integrated animation system.

Mecanim integrated humanoid animation retargeting, muscle control, and the state machine system. The name “Mecanim” comes from the French word “Mec” meaning “Guy”. Since Mecanim operated only with humanoid characters, our legacy animation system was still required for animating non-humanoid characters and other keyframe-based animation of gameobjects within Unity.

Since then however, we’ve developed and expanded Mecanim and integrated it with the rest of our animation system so that it can be used for all aspects of animation within your project - so there is a less clear definition where “Mecanim” ends and the rest of the animation system begins. For this reason, you’ll still see references in our documentation and throughout our community to “Mecanim” which has now simply come to mean our main animation system.

What’s the difference between the Animation component and the Animator component?

The Animation component is an old component used for animation in our legacy animation system. It remains in Unity for backwards compatibility but you should not use it for new projects. Use the up-to-date Animator component instead.

LEFT: Old Legacy Animation component. RIGHT: Modern Animator Component
LEFT: Old Legacy “Animation” component. RIGHT: Modern “Animator” Component

What’s the difference between the Animation window and the Animator window?

The Animation Window allows you to create and edit animation clips within Unity. You can use it to animate almost every property that you can edit in the inspector, from a Game Object’s position, a material colour, a light’s brightness, a sound’s volume, and even arbitrary values in your own scripts.

The Animator Window allows you to organise your existing animation clip assets into a flowchart-like system called a state machine.

Both of these windows are part of our current animation system, and not the legacy system.

So the Animation Component is legacy, but the Animation Window is current?

That’s correct.

Мы используем первоначальную систему анимации для создания движений персонажа. Необходимо ли вместо нее использовать технологию Mecanim?

Generally, yes you should. Our legacy animation system is only included for backward compatibility with old projects, and it has a very limited feature set compared with our current animation system. The only reason you should use it is for legacy projects built using the old system.


Why does my imported mesh have an animator component attached to it?

When Unity detectes that an imported file has animation in its timeline, it will add an animation component on import. You can modify this in the asset’s import settings by setting the “Animation Type” to None in the import settings under the Rig tab. If necessary you can do this with several files at once.


Важен ли порядок наложения слоев?

Да. Слои устанавливаются в порядке значимости сверху вниз. Слои установленные как overide всегда будут переопределять предыдущие слои(все зависит от их маски, если они ее имеют)

Должна ли значимость базового слоя установлена как 1 или необходимо установить значение на 0, когда работает другой синхронизированный слой?

Базовый слой по значимости всегда имеет 1 место, но если установить значение слоев как override, то они полностью заместят по значению базовый слой.

Существует ли способ получить переменное значение из управляемого элемента без использования строки имени?

Вы можете использовать целые числа для определения состояний и параметров. Используйте функцию Animator.StringToHash для получения целочисленного значения идентификатора. Например:

runState = Animator.StringToHash("Base Layer.Run");
animator.SetBool(runState, false);

What happens if a state on a Sync layer has a different length compared to the corresponding state in the base layer?

If layers have different lengths then they will become unsynchronized. Enable the Timing option to force the timing of the states on the current layer, on the source layer.

Аватары и Маски тела

Существует ли способ создать AvatarIKGoals вместо LeftFoot, RightFoot, LeftHand, RightHand?

Yes, knee and elbow IK is supported.

Существует ли способ определить какие кости будут частью маски тела?

Yes, for Generic clips you can define which transform animation is imported or not. For Humanoid clips, all human transforms are always imported and extra transforms can de defined.

Кривые анимации и события

Как анимации, которые имеют Кривые(Curves) смешиваются с теми, у которых их нет?

When you have an animation with a curve and another animation without a curve, Unity will use the default value of the parameter connected to the curve to do blending. You can set default values for your parameters, so when blending takes place between a State that has a Curve Parameter and one that does not have one, it will blend between the curve value and the default parameter value. To set a default value for a Parameter, simply set its value in the Animator Tool window while not in LiveLink.

Animation transitions
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