Version: 2021.2
言語: 日本語


class in UnityEngine




基本となるプラットフォームとハードウェアの機能を把握するにはこのクラスを使用します。たとえば、 RenderTexture 形式がサポートされているのか (SupportsRenderTextureFormat)、どのくらい多くの CPU スレッドが使用可能か(processorCount)、などを確認できます。

Static 変数

batteryLevelThe current battery level (Read Only).
batteryStatusReturns the current status of the device's battery (Read Only).
constantBufferOffsetAlignmentMinimum buffer offset (in bytes) when binding a constant buffer using Shader.SetConstantBuffer or Material.SetConstantBuffer.
copyTextureSupportさまざまな Graphics.CopyTexture ケースをサポートします (読み込み専用)。
graphicsDeviceTypeグラフィックデバイスがサポートしている、グラフィックス API タイプ(読み取り専用)
graphicsDeviceVersionグラフィックデバイスがサポートしている、グラフィックス API タイプとドライバーのバージョン(読み取り専用)
graphicsUVStartsAtTopReturns true if the texture UV coordinate convention for this platform has Y starting at the top of the image.
hasDynamicUniformArrayIndexingInFragmentShadersReturns true when the GPU has native support for indexing uniform arrays in fragment shaders without restrictions.
hasHiddenSurfaceRemovalOnGPUTrue if the GPU supports hidden surface removal.
hasMipMaxLevelReturns true if the GPU supports partial mipmap chains (Read Only).
hdrDisplaySupportFlagsReturns a bitwise combination of HDRDisplaySupportFlags describing the support for HDR displays on the system.
maxComputeBufferInputsComputeDetermines how many compute buffers Unity supports simultaneously in a compute shader for reading. (Read Only)
maxComputeBufferInputsDomainDetermines how many compute buffers Unity supports simultaneously in a domain shader for reading. (Read Only)
maxComputeBufferInputsFragmentDetermines how many compute buffers Unity supports simultaneously in a fragment shader for reading. (Read Only)
maxComputeBufferInputsGeometryDetermines how many compute buffers Unity supports simultaneously in a geometry shader for reading. (Read Only)
maxComputeBufferInputsHullDetermines how many compute buffers Unity supports simultaneously in a hull shader for reading. (Read Only)
maxComputeBufferInputsVertexDetermines how many compute buffers Unity supports simultaneously in a vertex shader for reading. (Read Only)
maxComputeWorkGroupSizeThe largest total number of invocations in a single local work group that can be dispatched to a compute shader (Read Only).
maxComputeWorkGroupSizeXThe maximum number of work groups that a compute shader can use in X dimension (Read Only).
maxComputeWorkGroupSizeYThe maximum number of work groups that a compute shader can use in Y dimension (Read Only).
maxComputeWorkGroupSizeZThe maximum number of work groups that a compute shader can use in Z dimension (Read Only).
maxCubemapSizeMaximum Cubemap texture size (Read Only).
maxGraphicsBufferSizeThe maximum size of a graphics buffer (GraphicsBuffer, ComputeBuffer, vertex/index buffer, etc.) in bytes (Read Only).
npotSupportGPU はどのような NPOT (2の2乗でない) テクスチャのサポートを提供するか。(Read Only)
operatingSystemOS 名とバージョン(読み取り専用)
operatingSystemFamilyReturns the operating system family the game is running on (Read Only).
renderingThreadingModeApplication's actual rendering threading mode (Read Only).
supportedRandomWriteTargetCountThe maximum number of random write targets (UAV) that Unity supports simultaneously. (Read Only)
supports2DArrayTextures2D 配列テクスチャがサポートされているかどうか(読み取り専用)
supports32bitsIndexBufferAre 32-bit index buffers supported? (Read Only)
supports3DRenderTexturesAre 3D (volume) RenderTextures supported? (Read Only)
supports3DTextures3D (volume) テクスチャがサポートされているかどうか(読み取り専用)
supportsAsyncComputeReturns true when the platform supports asynchronous compute queues and false if otherwise.
supportsAsyncGPUReadbackReturns true if asynchronous readback of GPU data is available for this device and false otherwise.
supportsAudioIs there an Audio device available for playback? (Read Only)
supportsCompressed3DTexturesAre compressed formats for 3D (volume) textures supported? (Read Only).
supportsComputeShadersCompute シェーダーがサポートされているかどうか(読み取り専用)
supportsConservativeRasterIs conservative rasterization supported? (Read Only)
supportsCubemapArrayTexturesAre Cubemap Array textures supported? (Read Only)
supportsGeometryShadersAre geometry shaders supported? (Read Only)
supportsGpuRecorderSpecifies whether the current platform supports the GPU Recorder or not. (Read Only).
supportsGraphicsFenceReturns true when the platform supports GraphicsFences, and false if otherwise.
supportsHardwareQuadTopologyDoes the hardware support quad topology? (Read Only)
supportsInstancingGPU ドローコールのインスタンス化がサポートされているかどうか(読み取り専用)
supportsLocationServiceロケーションサービス( GPS )が利用できるかどうか
supportsMipStreamingIs streaming of texture mip maps supported? (Read Only)
supportsMotionVectorsWhether motion vectors are supported on this platform.
supportsMultisampleAutoResolveReturns true if multisampled textures are resolved automatically
supportsMultisampled2DArrayTexturesBoolean that indicates whether multisampled texture arrays are supported (true if supported, false if not supported).
supportsMultisampledTexturesAre multisampled textures supported? (Read Only)
supportsMultisampleResolveDepthReturns true if the platform supports multisample resolve of depth textures.
supportsMultiviewBoolean that indicates whether Multiview is supported (true if supported, false if not supported). (Read Only)
supportsRawShadowDepthSamplingサポートされているシャドウマップからのサンプリングは生のデプスか?(Read Only)
supportsRayTracingChecks if ray tracing is supported by the current configuration.
supportsRenderTargetArrayIndexFromVertexShaderBoolean that indicates if SV_RenderTargetArrayIndex can be used in a vertex shader (true if it can be used, false if not).
supportsSeparatedRenderTargetsBlendReturns true when the platform supports different blend modes when rendering to multiple render targets, or false otherwise.
supportsSetConstantBufferDoes the current renderer support binding constant buffers directly? (Read Only)
supportsSparseTexturesスパーステクスチャはサポートされますか。(Read Only)
supportsStoreAndResolveActionThis property is true if the graphics API of the target build platform takes RenderBufferStoreAction.StoreAndResolve into account, false if otherwise.
supportsTessellationShadersAre tessellation shaders supported? (Read Only)
supportsTextureWrapMirrorOnceReturns true if the 'Mirror Once' texture wrap mode is supported. (Read Only)
unsupportedIdentifier現在のプラットフォームでサポートされていない SystemInfo 文字列プロパティーからの戻り値
usesLoadStoreActionsTrue if the Graphics API takes RenderBufferLoadAction and RenderBufferStoreAction into account, false if otherwise.
usesReversedZBufferThis property is true if the current platform uses a reversed depth buffer (where values range from 1 at the near plane and 0 at far plane), and false if the depth buffer is normal (0 is near, 1 is far). (Read Only)

Static 関数

GetCompatibleFormatReturns a format supported by the platform for the specified usage.
GetGraphicsFormatReturns the platform-specific GraphicsFormat that is associated with the DefaultFormat.
GetRenderTextureSupportedMSAASampleCountChecks if the target platform supports the MSAA samples count in the RenderTextureDescriptor argument.
IsFormatSupportedVerifies that the specified graphics format is supported for the specified usage.
SupportsBlendingOnRenderTextureFormatIs blending supported on render texture format?
SupportsRandomWriteOnRenderTextureFormatTests if a RenderTextureFormat can be used with RenderTexture.enableRandomWrite.
SupportsVertexAttributeFormatIndicates whether the given combination of a vertex attribute format and dimension is supported on this device.