Version: 2021.2
言語: 日本語


struct in UnityEditor.Rendering



A struct that represents graphics settings for a given build target and graphics tier.

Note: Graphics tiers and tier settings are only supported in the Built-in Render Pipeline.

You can configure these settings in the Unity Editor, in the Graphics Settings window.

See Also: Graphics tiers, GraphicsTier, Graphics.activeTier, EditorGraphicsSettings.GetTierSettings, EditorGraphicsSettings.SetTierSettings.


cascadedShadowMapsWhether to use cascaded shadow maps.
detailNormalMapWhether to sample a Detail Normal Map, if assigned.
enableLPPVWhether Light Probe Proxy Volume should be used.
hdrWhether to enable High Dynamic Range (HDR) rendering.
hdrModeThe format to use for the HDR buffer.
prefer32BitShadowMapsWhether Unity should try to use 32-bit shadow maps, where possible.
realtimeGICPUUsageThe RealtimeGICPUUsage to use.
reflectionProbeBlendingWhether to enable Reflection Probes Blending.
reflectionProbeBoxProjectionWhether to use Reflection Probes Box Projection.
renderingPathThe rendering path to use.
semitransparentShadowsWhether to enable Semitransparent Shadows.
standardShaderQualityThe Standard Shader Quality.