Version: 2020.3


public void SetStereoProjectionMatrix (Camera.StereoscopicEye eye, Matrix4x4 matrix);


eye Specifies the stereoscopic eye whose projection matrix needs to be set.
matrix レンダリングするテクスチャ


Sets a custom projection matrix for a specific stereoscopic eye.

In general it is recommended to stick with the projection matrices provided by the VR SDK to ensure accurate stereoscopic rendering. However for some specific scenarios it can be useful to override the projection matrices to achieve specific effects. For example, custom projection matrices would be required to implement binoculars in VR. In order to process custom projection matrix per eye, RenderingPath has to be set to Multi Pass in player settings.

Calling Camera.ResetStereoProjectionMatrices will revert the camera to using projection matrices provided by the VR SDK.