Version: 2020.3
言語: 日本語


interface in UnityEngine.UIElements



Represents a scheduled task created with a VisualElement's schedule interface.


elementReturns the VisualElement this object is associated with.
isActiveWill be true when this item is scheduled. Note that an item's callback will only be executed when it's VisualElement is attached to a panel.

Public 関数

EveryRepeats this action after a specified time.
ExecuteLaterCancels any previously scheduled execution of this item and re-schedules the item.
ForDurationAfter specified duration, the item will be automatically unscheduled.
PauseRemoves this item from its VisualElement's scheduler.
ResumeIf not already active, will schedule this item on its VisualElement's scheduler.
StartingInAdds a delay to the first invokation.
UntilItem will be unscheduled automatically when specified condition is met.