Version: 2019.4


class in UnityEngine



IP アドレスに対して ping を実行します。

The ping operation is asynchronous and a ping object can be polled for status using Ping.isDone. When a response is received it is in Ping.time.

Windows Store Apps: A stream socket is used to mimic ping functionality, it will try to open a connection to specified IP address using port 80. For this to work correctly, InternetClient capability must be enabled in Package.appxmanifest.

Android: ICMP sockets are used for ping operation if they're available, otherwise Unity spawns a child process /system/bin/ping for ping operations. To check if ICMP sockets are available, you need to read the contents for /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ping_group_range. If ICMP sockets are available, this file should contain an entry for 0 2147483647.


ip特定の ping の IP アドレス
isDoneping 関数が完了したときに true を返します
timeisDone 変数が true を返したときに、ping 時間が格納されます


Ping指定した IP アドレスへの ping を実行します