Version: 2019.4


class in UnityEngine.AI



ベイクされた NavMesh にアクセスするシングルトンのクラス

The NavMesh is a class that can be used to do spatial queries, like pathfinding and walkability tests, set the pathfinding cost for specific area types, and to tweak global behavior of pathfinding and avoidance.

Spatial Query を使用するために、最初にシーンの NavMesh をベイクする必要があります。

See also:
Building a NavMesh – for more information on how to setup and bake NavMesh
Areas and Costs – to learn how to use different Area types.
NavMeshAgent – to learn how to control and move NavMesh Agents.
NavMeshObstacle – to learn how to control NavMesh Obstacles using scripting.
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Static 変数

AllAreasすべての NavMesh エリアを含むエリアマスク定数
onPreUpdateSet a function to be called before the NavMesh is updated during the frame update execution.

Static 関数

AddLinkAdds a link to the NavMesh. The link is described by the NavMeshLinkData struct.
AddNavMeshDataAdds the specified NavMeshData to the game.
CalculatePath2 点間の位置を計算して、ナビメッシュオブジェクト上で移動できる範囲のパスを作成します
CreateSettingsCreates and returns a new entry of NavMesh build settings available for runtime NavMesh building.
GetSettingsByIDReturns an existing entry of NavMesh build settings.
GetSettingsByIndexReturns an existing entry of NavMesh build settings by its ordered index.
GetSettingsCountReturns the number of registered NavMesh build settings.
GetSettingsNameFromIDReturns the name associated with the NavMesh build settings matching the provided agent type ID.
RemoveAllNavMeshDataRemoves all NavMesh surfaces and links from the game.
RemoveLinkRemoves a link from the NavMesh.
RemoveNavMeshDataRemoves the specified NavMeshDataInstance from the game, making it unavailable for agents and queries.
RemoveSettingsRemoves the build settings matching the agent type ID.
SamplePosition指定した範囲内の NavMesh で最も近い点を検索します


OnNavMeshPreUpdateA delegate which can be used to register callback methods to be invoked before the NavMesh system updates.