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Enum representing the different types of web camera device.

On iOS devices, the WebCamDevice.kind is reported directly by the hardware. On Android devices, the hardware does not report this value, so Unity determines the WebCamDevice.kind by calculating the Equivalent Focal Length from a calculation based on the reported focal length and matrix size. As a result, on some Android devices, the default camera may be detected as WebCamKind.UltraWideAngle or WebCamKind.Telephoto.

See Also: WebCamDevice.kind.


WideAngleWide angle (default) camera.
TelephotoA Telephoto camera device. These devices have a longer focal length than a wide-angle camera.
ColorAndDepthCamera which supports synchronized color and depth data (currently these are only dual back and true depth cameras on latest iOS devices).
UltraWideAngleUltra wide angle camera. These devices have a shorter focal length than a wide-angle camera.