Version: 2021.3
public static void SetIcons (Build.NamedBuildTarget buildTarget, Texture2D[] icons, IconKind kind);


buildTarget The NamedBuildTarget.


Assigns a list of icons for the specified platform.

Most platforms support viewing icons in multiple sizes so Unity lets you specify multiple icon textures for each platform.

Unity only assigns the list of icons if the following is true: - The list is the same length as the list of icon sizes returned by GetIconSizes. - The Editor supports the specified platform .

Only iOS supports icons which have a different kind than IconKind.Application. Unity copies Icons assigned to IconKind.Application, IconKind.Settings, IconKind.Notification and IconKind.Spotlight to the appropriate slots in the generated Xcode project.

Calling SetIconsForTargetGroup with an empty Texture2D array removes all icons currently set for IconKind.