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在 Package Manager 窗口中,右侧面板显示所选包的详细信息。

Package details for a Unity package (left) and an Asset Store package (right)
Package details for a Unity package (left) and an Asset Store package (right)


(A) The display name. For Unity packages, a lock icon () and any tags that apply to the package also might appear after the name.

Note: The lock icon appears when an installed feature set requires the selected package. It prevents you from accidentally changing the version of the package so the feature set continues to work effectively.

(B) 包创作者或者 Asset Store 资源包发布者。

(C) The package version and date the package was published to the registry or the Asset Store. If available, the information button might also appear after the version and date information. When you click the information button, Unity displays information about the package (for example, if the package version you requested does not match the version installed).

(D) The name of the package registry. For native Unity packages, this is always “Unity”. For scoped package registries, this matches the name property for this scoped registry in the project manifest.

(E) For Unity packages, the links to open the package documentation page, the package change log (if available), and the license information. For Asset Store packages, the links to open the Asset Store package’s official page on the Asset Store, and if available, links to the publisher’s website and their support page.

(F) A brief description. By default, Unity displays only the first three lines, but you can click the More link to see the rest of it.

(G) 在 Asset Store 上用于 Asset Store 资源包的营销图像、音频和视频的缩略图。单击缩略图下方的链接可在 Asset Store 上打开 Asset Store 资源包的官方页面。

(H) Unity 包的依赖关系信息。默认情况下,此部分是隐藏的,但您可以通过启用 Show Dependencies 项目设置显示该信息。


  • Is using:该包是否依赖于另一个包,以及依赖哪个版本(如果是)。安装的包会在版本号之后显示依赖关系的状态。
  • Used by:是否有另一个包依赖于该包,以及依赖哪个版本(如果是)。

无依赖项的包则显示消息 “No dependencies”。

(I) For Asset Store packages, the following additional information is available here:

  • 所需的磁盘空间和支持的 Unity 版本。
  • 您购买 Asset Store 资源包的日期。 *Asset Store 资源包的发布信息,包括最初发布的时间和当前版本的发布时间。
  • 已经分配给这个 Asset Store 资源包的标签

(J) Unity packages that include sample assets display the samples along with an import button. To import the sample code, click the Import button next to the sample.

(K) Button(s) to unlock, install, update, remove, or disable the Unity package.

(L) Button(s) to download, import, or update the Asset Store package.


某些包和 Asset Store 资源包在版本号旁边显示标签。这些标签提供有关包来源或状态的信息:

  • 来源标签类型指示包的来源(例如,来自本地文件夹还是从包注册表下载的)。
  • State tag types indicate the package’s stage of the development cycle. For example, whether it is custom, an experimental package, or on the release track for a specific Unity version.
  • Asset Store 标签指示 Asset Store 资源包源自 Asset Store,并且还可能指示某些特殊状态(例如,已弃用)。

某些来源标签暗示状态标签,反之,某些状态标签也暗示了来源标签(例如,如果您的项目中嵌入了一个包,则 Unity 会自动假定它是正在开发中的自定义包,因此详细信息视图中仅显示 custom 标签)。

Package Manager 窗口显示以下值:

标签 类型 含义
Released 状态 Unity officially released this package and fully supports it. The Quality Assurance team has tested this version of the package and guarantees that it works with a specific version of the Editor and all other packages released for that Editor version.
Release Candidate 状态 This version of the package is on track to be fully “released” within the next TECH stage of the current release cycle.
Pre-Release 状态 This version of the package is at an earlier stage of development, but Unity guarantees to release it by the end of the LTS release cycle. It might not have complete documentation, or it might not be fully validated by either the development team or Unity’s Quality Assurance team.
Experimental 状态 These packages are either new packages or contain experimental modifications. Unity does not support Experimental packages because they are in the early stages of development.
Custom state
This package is embedded in your project. Most custom package developers start by embedding a new package in their project, which is why the “Custom” label appears.
local 来源 The Package Manager installed this package from a folder or tarball file on your local disk external to your Unity project folder.
git 来源 Package Manager 直接从 Git 代码仓库将此包安装在项目中。
asset store 资源 This is an Asset Store package that you purchased or downloaded from the Asset Store.
deprecated 资源 This package is no longer available on the Asset Store unless you have downloaded or purchased it previously. That is, it is no longer discoverable by new customers.

Note: This label applies only to Asset Store packages. Unity packages that have been deprecated never appear in the Unity Editor.

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