Version: 2021.3
Unity Organizations


要使用 Unity Editor 和 Services,必须创建 Unity Developer Network (UDN) 帐户。


  • 一个默认组织
    • A Unity Personal subscription (license) in the Organization
      • 订阅许可证的一个 Editor 席位

If you are not eligible to use a Personal subscription, you must upgrade to either the Unity Plus or Pro subscription. When you subscribe to Plus or Pro, you get:

  • 附加到帐户相关组织的一份订阅(许可证)。
    • 订阅许可证的一个 Editor 席位

You can purchase additional Subscriptions through an Organization, on the Unity ID dashboard. If you are part of a company, this lets you organize your licenses under a company Organization while keeping your other activities in Unity separate. For more information, see Managing your Organization.


A subscription seat represents a single user license, and lets users work together on Projects in the Editor. If your Organization uses a Pro or Plus subscription, all users working on your Organization’s Projects must have an Editor seat at the same tier or higher. If a user has a lower tier subscription, you must assign them a seat from your license.

注意:只有组织内的所有者 (Owner) 或管理员 (Manager) 才能分配席位,请参阅组织角色


1.登录 Unity ID 控制面板。 2.在左侧导航栏中,单击 Organizations。 3.选择组织。 4.在左侧导航面板中,单击 Subscriptions & Services。 5.选择要用于分配席位的订阅。 6.单击 Manage seats 按钮,然后选择组织成员以为其分配席位。 7.单击 Assign Seat(s) 按钮。

所选成员会收到一封电子邮件,其中包含有关如何激活 Unity 的信息。

Assigning a seat gives the user access to Editor features at the Organization’s subscription level. When users are assigned a paid seat, they are issued a license which shows their highest subscription level. If users want to activate the Editor with a paid subscription, they must enter the license assigned to them.

You can purchase additional seats for your subscription at any time on Unity’s website. For information on activating a Unity license using the Unity Hub, see Hub documentation. For information on activating a Unity license using the command line, Activate a license from the command line.


如果希望与组织外部的个人协作而不让他们访问组织的敏感信息,请将该用户直接添加到具体项目。如果该参与者自己已拥有与组织的订阅层级相匹配的 Plus 或 Pro Editor 席位,则无需为其分配席位。


1.登录 Unity Services Dashboard。 2.选择要添加用户的项目。 3.在左侧导航栏中,单击 Settings__,然后单击 Users。 4.在 Add a person or group__ 字段中,输入用户的电子邮件地址。

要允许用户访问项目的 CollaborateCloud Build 功能,必须为其分配 Unity Teams 席位(此席位独立于与订阅关联的 Editor 席位)。如果指定的用户没有 Unity Teams 席位,则会默认为其分配一个这样的席位。如果不希望用户使用 Unity Teams 进行协作,请取消选中 Also assign a Unity Teams Seat to this user 复选框。

想了解更多 Unity Teams 的相关信息,请参阅使用 Unity Teams

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