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Unity Ads

Unity Ads 是适用于 iOS 和 Android 的移动广告网络,能够基于您的用户群产生市场领先的收入,同时提高用户参与度和留存率。

我们目前正在努力将 Unity Ads 的文档整合到本用户手册中。同时,想了解 Unity Ads 入门指南及其使用方法,请参阅 Unity Ads 知识库 (Unity Ads Knowledge Base)

Other useful links

Self-serve admin panel - Here you can see reports, configure advanced monetization settings for your games, and perform other ads-related management tasks.

Unity Ads forums - get help and find answers to commonly asked questions.


Showing ads in your game to make money

A Designer’s Guide To Using Video Ads

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