Version: 2017.1
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Time Manager

__Time Manager__(菜单:__Edit > Project Settings > Time__)可用于设置多个属性以控制游戏中的时序。


属性: 功能:
Fixed Timestep 独立于帧率的时间间隔,确定了执行物理计算和 FixedUpdate() 事件的时间间隔。
Maximum Allowed Timestep 帧率较低时允许最坏情形的时间间隔(独立于帧率)。执行物理计算和 FixedUpdate() 事件的时间长度将不会超过指定值。
Time Scale 时间进展的速度。更改此值可模拟子弹时间效果。值 1 意味着实时。值 0.5 意味着半速;值 2 表示速度翻倍。


The Time Manager lets you set properties globally but it is often useful to set them from a script during gameplay (for example, setting Time Scale to zero is a useful way to pause the game). See the page on Time and Framerate Management for full details of how time can be managed in Unity.

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