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class in UnityEditor

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Main Application class.

Static Variables

applicationContentsPathPath to the Unity editor contents folder. (Read Only)
applicationPathReturns the path to the Unity editor application. (Read Only)
delayCallDelegate which is called once after all inspectors update.
hierarchyWindowChangedA callback to be raised when an object in the hierarchy changes.Each time an object is (or a group of objects are) created, renamed, parented, unparented or destroyed this callback is raised.
hierarchyWindowItemOnGUIDelegate for OnGUI events for every visible list item in the HierarchyWindow.
isCompilingIs editor currently compiling scripts? (Read Only)
isPausedIs editor currently paused?
isPlayingIs editor currently in play mode?
isPlayingOrWillChangePlaymodeIs editor either currently in play mode, or about to switch to it? (Read Only)
isRemoteConnectedIs editor currently connected to Unity Remote 4 client app.
isUpdatingTrue if the Editor is currently refreshing the AssetDatabase.
modifierKeysChangedDelegate for changed keyboard modifier keys.
playmodeStateChangedDelegate for play mode state changes.
projectWindowChangedCallback raised whenever the state of the Project window changes.
projectWindowItemOnGUIDelegate for OnGUI events for every visible list item in the ProjectWindow.
searchChangedCallback raised whenever the contents of a window's search box are changed.
timeSinceStartupThe time since the editor was started. (Read Only)
updateDelegate for generic updates.

Static Functions

BeepPlays system beep sound.
DirtyHierarchyWindowSortingSet the hierarchy sorting method as dirty.
ExecuteMenuItemInvokes the menu item in the specified path.
ExitExit the Unity editor application.
LoadLevelAdditiveAsyncInPlayModeLoad the given level additively in play mode asynchronously
LoadLevelAdditiveInPlayModeLoad the given level additively in play mode.
LoadLevelAsyncInPlayModeLoad the given level in play mode asynchronously.
LoadLevelInPlayModeLoad the given level in play mode.
LockReloadAssembliesPrevents loading of assemblies when it is inconvenient.
OpenProjectOpen another project.
RepaintHierarchyWindowCan be used to ensure repaint of the HierarchyWindow.
RepaintProjectWindowCan be used to ensure repaint of the ProjectWindow.
StepPerform a single frame step.
UnlockReloadAssembliesMust be called after LockReloadAssemblies, to reenable loading of assemblies.


CallbackFunctionDelegate to be called from EditorApplication callbacks.
HierarchyWindowItemCallbackDelegate to be called for every visible list item in the HierarchyWindow on every OnGUI event.
ProjectWindowItemCallbackDelegate to be called for every visible list item in the ProjectWindow on every OnGUI event.