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class in UnityEngine.VR.WSA.Input

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Manager class with API for recognizing user gestures.

GestureRecognizer performs only the minimal disambiguation between the set of gestures that you request. For example, if you request just Tap, the user may hold their finger down as long as they like and a Tap will still occur when the user releases their finger. For more details on the types of gestures available see GestureSettings.

GestureRecognizers will only receive events after StartCapturingGestures is called. StopCapturingGestures can be called again to stop events. This allows for GestureRecognizer to be activated and deactivated on demand such as when a users gaze moves over and away from an object.


GestureRecognizerCreate a GestureRecognizer.

Public Functions

CancelGesturesCancels any pending gesture events. Additionally this will call StopCapturingGestures.
DisposeDisposes the resources used by gesture recognizer.
GetRecognizableGesturesRetrieve a mask of the currently enabled gestures.
IsCapturingGesturesUsed to query if the GestureRecognizer is currently receiving Gesture events.
SetRecognizableGesturesSet the recognizable gestures to the ones specified in newMaskValues and return the old settings.
StartCapturingGesturesCall to begin receiving gesture events on this recognizer. No events will be received until this method is called.
StopCapturingGesturesCall to stop receiving gesture events on this recognizer.


GestureErrorEventFired when a warning or error is emitted by the GestureRecognizer.
HoldCanceledEventFired when the user does a cancel event either using their hands or in speech.
HoldCompletedEventFired when users complete a hold gesture.
HoldStartedEventFired when users start a hold gesture.
ManipulationCanceledEventFires when a Manipulation gesture is canceled.
ManipulationCompletedEventFires when a Manipulation gesture is completed.
ManipulationStartedEventFires when an interaction becomes a Manipulation gesture.
ManipulationUpdatedEventFires when a Manipulation gesture is updated due to hand movement.
NavigationCanceledEventFires when a Navigation gesture is canceled.
NavigationCompletedEventFires when a Navigation gesture is completed.
NavigationStartedEventFires when an interaction becomes a Navigation gesture.
NavigationUpdatedEventFires when a Navigation gesture is updated due to hand or controller movement.
RecognitionEndedEventFires when recognition of gestures is done, either due to completion of a gesture or cancellation.
RecognitionStartedEventFires when recognition of gestures begins.
TappedEventOccurs when a Tap gesture is recognized.


GestureErrorDelegateCallback indicating an error or warning occurred.
HoldCanceledEventDelegateCallback indicating a cancel event.
HoldCompletedEventDelegateCallback indicating a hold completed event.
HoldStartedEventDelegateCallback indicating a hold started event.
ManipulationCanceledEventDelegateCallback indicating a cancel event.
ManipulationCompletedEventDelegateCallback indicating a completed event.
ManipulationStartedEventDelegateCallback indicating a started event.
ManipulationUpdatedEventDelegateCallback indicating a updated event.
NavigationCanceledEventDelegateCallback indicating a cancel event.
NavigationCompletedEventDelegateCallback indicating a completed event.
NavigationStartedEventDelegateCallback indicating a started event.
NavigationUpdatedEventDelegateCallback indicating a update event.
RecognitionEndedEventDelegateCallback indicating the gesture event has completed.
RecognitionStartedEventDelegateCallback indicating the gesture event has started.
TappedEventDelegateCallback indicating a tap event.