Version: 2020.3
Language : English
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Unity Reflect



Unity Reflect importer used for Autodesk Revit to Unity and other AEC-Industrial workflow. The package contains Reflect inhouse format support and other utilities for navigation and visualization

Version information

Experimental or in preview for Unity

These package versions might not be safe to use in production with Unity version 2020.3:

Documentation location: State Versions available:
com.unity.reflect@3.1 preview 3.1.0-preview.9
com.unity.reflect@2.1 preview 2.1.0-preview.104, 2.1.0-preview.106
com.unity.reflect@2.0 preview 2.0.0-preview.11, 2.0.1-preview.13
com.unity.reflect@1.3 preview 1.3.0-preview.102, 1.3.0-preview.104
com.unity.reflect@1.2 preview 1.2.0-preview.26
com.unity.reflect@1.1 preview 1.1.0-preview.6
com.unity.reflect@1.0 preview 1.0.0-preview.11, 1.0.0-preview.19
com.unity.reflect@0.3 preview 0.3.0-preview.8
com.unity.reflect@0.2 preview 0.2.0-preview.15, 0.2.0-preview.17, 0.2.1-preview.2


unity , aec , industrial , revit , sketchup

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