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public static void SetFocusPointForFrame(Vector3 position);
public static void SetFocusPointForFrame(Vector3 position, Vector3 normal);
public static void SetFocusPointForFrame(Vector3 position, Vector3 normal, Vector3 velocity);


positionThe position of the focal point in the Scene, relative to the camera.
normalSurface normal of the plane being viewed at the focal point.
velocityA vector that describes how the focus point is moving in the Scene at this point in time. This allows the HoloLens to compensate for both your head movement and the movement of the object in the Scene.


Sets a point in 3d space that is the focal point of the Scene for the user for this frame. This helps improve the visual fidelity of content around this point. This must be set every frame.

The point may be moving through space, the normal indicates the direction that the point is moving.

The HoloLens will attempt to compensate for movement in the display around the focal plane / focal point in the Scene. You can help the system along by providing information about how the focal point is moving.

As an example, if your focus point is following a character as he jumps around your living room, the HoloLens is attempting to compensate only for the motion of your head as it is moving relative to the focal point. The HoloLens will not be factoring in the motion of the character the user is most likely focusing on at this point in time. By providing a normal and a velocity to help inform on how the character is moving within the Scene the HoloLens can better compensate and bring greater visual fidelity to the character as he moves around your Scene.

Specifying the content in focus is body locked will improve the fidelity of body locked content at the expense of content not locked to the body. This is especially apparent as the user translates.

You can visualize the focus point / plane in the web interface for the HoloLens.

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