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Restoring Transactions
Receipt validation
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Purchase Receipts

Unity IAP provides purchase receipts as a JSON hash containing the following keys and values:

Key Value
Store The name of the store in use, such as GooglePlay or AppleAppStore
TransactionID This transaction’s unique identifier, provided by the store
Payload Varies by platform, details below.


Payload varies depending upon the device’s iOSApple’s mobile operating system. More info
See in Glossary

iOS version Payload
iOS >= 7 payload is a base 64 encoded App Receipt.
iOS < 7 payload is a SKPaymentTransaction transactionReceipt.

Mac App Store

Payload is a base 64 encoded App Receipt.

Google Play

Payload is a JSON hash with the following keys and values:

Key Value
json A JSON encoded string provided by Google; INAPP_PURCHASE_DATA
signature A signature for the json parameter, as provided by Google; INAPP_DATA_SIGNATURE

Universal Windows Platform

Payload is an XML string as specified by Microsoft

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Restoring Transactions
Receipt validation