Version: 2019.4
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NavMesh Modifier

NavMesh Modifiers adjust how a specific GameObject behaves during NavMesh baking at runtime. NavMesh Modifiers are not in the Unity standard install; see documentation on high-level NavMesh building components for information on how to access them.

To use the NavMesh Modifier component, navigate to GameObject > AI > NavMesh Modifier.

In the image below, the platform in the bottom right has a modifier attached to it that sets its Area Type to Lava.

A NavMesh Modifier component open in the Inspector window
A NavMesh Modifier component open in the Inspector window

The NavMesh Modifier affects GameObjects hierarchically, meaning the GameObject that the component is attached to as well as all its children are affected. Additionally, if another NavMesh Modifier is found further down the transform hierarchy, the new NavMesh Modifier overrides the one further up the hierarchy.

The NavMesh Modifier also affects the NavMesh generation process, meaning the NavMesh has to be updated to reflect any changes to NavMesh Modifiers.

Property: Function:
Ignore From Build Check this tickbox to exclude the GameObject and all if its children from the build process.
Override Area Type Check this tickbox to change the area type for the GameObject containing the Modifier and all of its children.
Area Type Select the new area type to apply from the drop-down menu.
Affected Agents A selection of Agents the Modifier affects. For example, you may choose to exclude certain obstacles from specific Agents.

  • 2017–05–26 Page published

  • New feature in 5.6

NavMesh Surface
NavMesh Modifier Volume