Version: 5.3 (switch to 5.4b)
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GI Visualisations in the Scene View

The Scene view has a number of Draw Modes to help you to visualise different aspects of the scene’s content. Among these are a set of modes to let you see exactly what the global illumination is doing. The default Textured mode shows the scene fully lit according to the GI setup. The other modes relevant to the GI are Albedo, Emissive, UV Charts, Irradiance, Directionality, Systems and Baked, each of which is described below. Note that the Object tab in the Lighting window can show the selected object’s texture with the UV channel rendered on top.

UV Charts

This shows the optimized UV layout used in calculating the dynamic GI. It is automatically generated during the precompute process. It is available as soon as the Instance precompute stage is completed.


The precompute stage will automatically subdivide the scene into systems (ie, groups of objects sharing the same lightmap atlas) based on proximity and settings. This is mainly done to allow multithreading and optimizations in the precompute process. This visualization shows the systems with different colors.


This shows the albedo used in calculating the dynamic GI.


Shows the emissiveness used in calculating the dynamic GI.


This shows the indirect lighting only (the contents of dynamic lightmaps).


This shows directional information matching the irradiance.


This shows the baked lightmaps only.

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