Version: 2022.2
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struct in UnityEngine.Rendering

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DrawingSettings describes how to sort visible objects (sortingSettings) and which shader passes to use (shaderPassName).

See Also: ScriptableRenderContext.DrawRenderers, ScriptableRenderContext.Cull, FilteringSettings.

OverrideMaterial vs. OverrideShader: Using the overrideMaterial parameter will override all rendered materials and their properties. The overrideShader property will force the renderers to use a different shader while preserving current material properties. Properties on the overriden material can then be accessed in the override shader. The use of override shaders is currently not supported with SRPBatcher and BatchRendererGroups. Override Shaders will have an impact on performance and should be avoided where overrideMaterial can be used. OverrideShader and OverrideMaterial can't both be used in the same drawRenderers call.

정적 변수

maxShaderPassesThe maxiumum number of passes that can be rendered in 1 DrawRenderers call.


enableDynamicBatchingControls whether dynamic batching is enabled.
enableInstancingControls whether instancing is enabled.
fallbackMaterialSets the Material to use for any drawers in this group that don't meet the requirements.
mainLightIndexConfigures what light should be used as main light.
overrideMaterialSets the Material to use for all drawers that would render in this group.
overrideMaterialPassIndexSelects which pass of the override material to use.
overrideShaderSets the shader to use for all drawers that would render in this group. Override shaders do not override existing material properties.
overrideShaderPassIndexSelects which pass of the override shader to use.
perObjectDataWhat kind of per-object data to setup during rendering.
sortingSettingsHow to sort objects during rendering.


DrawingSettingsCreate a draw settings struct.

Public 함수

GetShaderPassNameGet the name of the shader pass.
SetShaderPassNameSet the name of the shader pass.