Version: 2022.2
언어: 한국어



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Options that define how a progress indicator behaves.


NoneA progress indicator that starts with no other options activated. This is the default.
StickyA sticky progress indicator displays progress information even after the task is complete. The system does not remove it automatically. You must remove it using a remove operation.
IndefiniteAn indefinite progress indicator shows that the associated task is in progress, but does not show how close it is to completion.
SynchronousA synchronous progress indicator updates the Editor UI as soon as it reports progress. This is the opposite of the default behavior, which is to report all progress asynchronously.
ManagedUnity manages progress indicators. When a domain reload happens, the system cancels tasks that support cancellation, and removes their progress indicators. This is the default for progress indicators started from C#.
UnmanagedAn unmanaged progress indicator is one that Unity does not manage. Unity does not cancel unmanaged progress indicators when a domain reload happens. This is the default behavior for internal-use progress indicators started from C++ code.