Version: 2018.2
2D 和 3D 模式设置


Unity 提供了许多偏好设置以用于自定义 Unity Editor 的行为。要访问这些设置,请选择 Unity > Preferences (macOS) 或 Edit > Preferences… (Windows)。


设置 属性
Auto Refresh Check this box to update Assets automatically as they change.
Load Previous Project on Startup Check this box to always load the previous project at startup.
Compress Assets on Import Check this box to automatically compress Assets during import.
OSX Color Picker (macOS) Check this box to use the native macOS color picker instead of Unity’s own.
Disable Editor Analytics (Pro only) Check this box to stop the Editor automatically sending information back to Unity.
Show Asset Store search hits Check this box to show the number of free/paid Assets from the Asset Store in the Project Browser.
Verify Saving Assets Check this box if you wish to verify which Assets to save individually on quitting Unity.
Script Changes While Playing Select the drop-down menu to choose Unity’s behaviour when scripts change while your game is running in the Editor
Recompile And Continue Playing Recompile your scripts and keep running the Scene. This is the default behaviour, but you might want to change it if your scripts rely on any non-serializable data.
Recompile After Finished Playing Defer recompilation until you manually stop your Scene, avoiding any interruption.
Stop Playing And Recompile Immediately stop your Scene for recompilation, allowing you to quickly restart testing.
Editor Skin__(仅限 Plus/Pro)||Select the drop-down to choose which skin to apply to the Unity Editor. Choose Personal__ for light grey with black text, or Professional for dark grey with white text.
Enable Alpha Numeric Sorting Check this box to enable a new button in the top-right corner of the Hierarchy window, allowing you to switch between Transform sort (which is the default behaviour) and Alphanumeric sort.
Device To Use Select the drop-down menu to choose which of your computer’s graphics devices Unity should use. You can leave this on Automatic unless you want Unity to use a specific device. This setting will override any device specified in command line options.

External tools

设置 属性
External Script Editor 选择 Unity 应使用哪个应用程序来打开脚本文件。Unity 会自动将正确的参数传递给内置支持的脚本编辑器。Unity 内置支持 Visual Studio (Express)、Visual Studio Code、Xamarin Studio 和 JetBrains Rider。
External Script Editor Args Select which arguments to pass to the external script editor.
$(File) is replaced with a path to a file being opened.
$(Line) is replaced with a line number that editor should jump to.
$(ProjectPath) is replaced with the path to the open project.
If not set on macOS, then the default mechanism for opening files is used. Otherwise, the external script editor is only launched with the arguments without trying to open the script file using the default mechanism.
See below for examples of external script editor arguments.
Editor Attaching 选中此框允许在 Unity Editor 中调试脚本。如果禁用此选项,则无法将脚本调试器附加到 Unity 来调试脚本。
Image application 选择希望 Unity 使用哪个应用程序来打开图像文件。
Revision Control Diff/Merge 选择希望 Unity 使用哪个应用程序来解决与 Asset Server 的文件差异。Unity 在工具的默认安装位置检测这些工具(并在 Windows 上检查 TortoiseMerge、WinMerge、PlasticSCM Merge 和 Beyond Compare 4 的注册表项)。


  • Gvim/Vim--remote-tab-silent +$(Line) "$File"
  • Notepad2-g $(Line) "$(File)"
  • Sublime Text 2"$(File)":$(Line)
  • Notepad++-n$(Line) "$(File)"


此面板允许选择 Unity 在显示各种用户界面元素时使用的颜色。


此面板允许设置在 Unity 中激活各种命令的击键。

GI Cache

设置 属性
Maximum Cache Size (GB) 使用滑动条来设置最大的 GI 缓存文件夹大小。GI 缓存文件夹将尽可能保持在此大小以下。系统会定期删除未使用的文件以创建更多空间。这是由 Editor 自动执行的,不需要您执行任何操作。
Custom cache location 选中此框允许设置 GI 缓存文件夹的自定义位置。缓存文件夹将在所有项目之间共享。
Cache compression 选中此框可快速实时压缩 GI 缓存文件,从而减小生成数据的大小。如果需要访问原始 Enlighten 数据,请禁用 Cache Compression 并清除缓存。
Clean Cache 使用此按钮可清除缓存目录。


设置 属性
Maximum Sprite Atlas Cache Size (GB) 使用滑动条来设置最大的精灵图集缓存文件夹大小。精灵图集缓存文件夹将尽可能保持在此大小以下。

Cache Server

设置 属性
Use Cache Server 选中此框可使用专用的缓存服务器。
IP Address 如果启用此功能,请在此处输入专用缓存服务器的 IP 地址。

  • 2018–04–06 页面已修订并只进行了有限的编辑审查

  • 在 2018.1 版中更新了外部脚本编辑器的列表

  • 在 Unity 2018.2 中添加了 Script Changes While Playing 和 Device To Use 下拉菜单

2D 和 3D 模式设置