Version: 2023.2
언어: 한국어


class in UnityEngine

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Store a collection of Keyframes that can be evaluated over time.


keysAll keys defined in the animation curve.
lengthThe number of keys in the curve. (Read Only)
postWrapModeThe behaviour of the animation after the last keyframe.
preWrapModeThe behaviour of the animation before the first keyframe.
this[int]Retrieves the key at index. (Read Only)


AnimationCurveCreates an animation curve from an arbitrary number of keyframes.

Public 함수

AddKeyAdd a new key to the curve.
ClearKeysErases all KeyFrame from this instance of the AnimationCurve.
CopyFromCopies the keys and properties of the specified AnimationCurve object into this instance of the AnimationCurve class.
EvaluateEvaluate the curve at time.
GetHashCodeA HashCode for the animation curve, computed using all individual Keyframe.
MoveKeyRemoves the keyframe at index and inserts key.
RemoveKeyRemoves a key.
SmoothTangentsSmooth the in and out tangents of the keyframe at index.

정적 함수

ConstantCreates a constant "curve" starting at timeStart, ending at timeEnd, and set to the value value.
EaseInOutCreates an ease-in and out curve starting at timeStart, valueStart and ending at timeEnd, valueEnd.
LinearA straight Line starting at timeStart, valueStart and ending at timeEnd, valueEnd.