Version: 2023.2
언어: 한국어


class in UnityEditor.IMGUI.Controls

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The TreeViewItem is used to build the tree representation of a tree data structure.

The TreeViewItem can be derived from to add custom data.

Additional resources: TreeView.


childrenThe list of child items of this TreeViewItem.
depthThe depth refers to how many ancestors this item has, and corresponds to the number of horizontal ‘indents’ this item has.
displayNameName shown for this item when rendered.
hasChildrenReturns true if children has any items.
iconIf set, this icon will be rendered to the left of the displayName. The icon is rendered at 16x16 points by default.
idUnique ID for an item.
parentThe parent of this TreeViewItem. If it is null then it is considered the root of the TreeViewItem tree.


TreeViewItemTreeViewItem constructor.

Public 함수

AddChildHelper method that adds the child TreeViewItem to the children list and sets the parent property on the child.