Version: 2020.3
언어: 한국어


class in UnityEngine

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Raw interface to Unity's drawing functions.

This is the high-level shortcut into the optimized mesh drawing functionality of Unity.

정적 변수

activeColorBufferCurrently active color buffer (Read Only).
activeColorGamutReturns the currently active color gamut.
activeDepthBufferCurrently active depth/stencil buffer (Read Only).
activeTierThe GraphicsTier classification for the current device. Changing this value affects any subsequently loaded shaders. Initially Unity auto-detects this value from the hardware in use. Graphics Tiers are only available in the Built-in Render Pipeline.
minOpenGLESVersionThe minimum OpenGL ES version. The value is specified in PlayerSettings.
preserveFramebufferAlphaTrue when rendering over native UI is enabled in Player Settings (readonly).

정적 함수

BlitCopies source texture into destination render texture with a shader.
BlitMultiTapCopies source texture into destination, for multi-tap shader.
ClearRandomWriteTargetsClear random write targets for Shader Model 4.5 level pixel shaders.
ConvertTextureThis function provides an efficient way to convert between textures of different formats and dimensions. The destination texture format should be uncompressed and correspond to a supported RenderTextureFormat.
CopyTextureCopy texture contents.
CreateAsyncGraphicsFenceShortcut for calling Graphics.CreateGraphicsFence with GraphicsFenceType.AsyncQueueSynchronization as the first parameter.
CreateGraphicsFenceCreates a GraphicsFence which will be passed after the last Blit, Clear, Draw, Dispatch or Texture Copy command prior to this call has been completed on the GPU.
DrawMeshDraw a mesh.
DrawMeshInstancedDraws the same mesh multiple times using GPU instancing.
DrawMeshInstancedIndirectDraws the same mesh multiple times using GPU instancing.
DrawMeshInstancedProceduralDraws the same mesh multiple times using GPU instancing. This is similar to Graphics.DrawMeshInstancedIndirect, except that when the instance count is known from script, it can be supplied directly using this method, rather than via a ComputeBuffer.
DrawMeshNowDraw a mesh immediately.
DrawProceduralDraws procedural geometry on the GPU.
DrawProceduralIndirectDraws procedural geometry on the GPU.
DrawProceduralIndirectNowDraws procedural geometry on the GPU.
DrawProceduralNowDraws procedural geometry on the GPU.
DrawTextureDraw a texture in screen coordinates.
ExecuteCommandBufferExecute a command buffer.
ExecuteCommandBufferAsyncExecutes a command buffer on an async compute queue with the queue selected based on the ComputeQueueType parameter passed.
SetRandomWriteTargetSet random write target for Shader Model 4.5 level pixel shaders.
SetRenderTargetSets current render target.
WaitOnAsyncGraphicsFenceInstructs the GPU's processing of the graphics queue to wait until the given GraphicsFence is passed.