Version: 2020.3


class in UnityEngine.Rendering

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An asset that produces a specific IRenderPipeline.

Default implementation of IRenderPipelineAsset. This manages the lifecylces of inherited types, as well as ensures that created IRenderPipeline's are invalidated when the asset is changed.

See Also: IRenderPipelineAsset.


autodeskInteractiveMaskedShaderRetrieves the default Autodesk Interactive masked Shader for this pipeline.
autodeskInteractiveShaderRetrieves the default Autodesk Interactive Shader for this pipeline.
autodeskInteractiveTransparentShaderRetrieves the default Autodesk Interactive transparent Shader for this pipeline.
default2DMaterialReturn the default 2D Material for this pipeline.
defaultLineMaterialReturn the default Line Material for this pipeline.
defaultMaterialReturn the default Material for this pipeline.
defaultParticleMaterialReturn the default particle Material for this pipeline.
defaultShaderReturn the default Shader for this pipeline.
defaultSpeedTree7ShaderReturn the default SpeedTree v7 Shader for this pipeline.
defaultSpeedTree8ShaderReturn the default SpeedTree v8 Shader for this pipeline.
defaultTerrainMaterialReturn the default Terrain Material for this pipeline.
defaultUIETC1SupportedMaterialReturn the default UI ETC1 Material for this pipeline.
defaultUIMaterialReturn the default UI Material for this pipeline.
defaultUIOverdrawMaterialReturn the default UI overdraw Material for this pipeline.
renderingLayerMaskNamesReturns the list of names used to display Rendering Layer Mask UI for this pipeline.
terrainBrushPassIndexThe render index for the terrain brush in the editor.
terrainDetailGrassBillboardShaderReturn the detail grass billboard Shader for this pipeline.
terrainDetailGrassShaderReturn the detail grass Shader for this pipeline.
terrainDetailLitShaderReturn the detail lit Shader for this pipeline.

보호되는 함수

CreatePipelineCreate a IRenderPipeline specific to this asset.
OnDisableDefault implementation of OnDisable for RenderPipelineAsset. See ScriptableObject.OnDisable
OnValidateDefault implementation of OnValidate for RenderPipelineAsset. See MonoBehaviour.OnValidate