Version: 2020.3
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class in UnityEditor.PackageManager

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Use the Unity Package Manager Client class to manage the packages used in a Project.

Note: You can only call the Client methods in sequence. If you try to add or remove multiple packages at the same time, the outcome is nondeterministic. For example, if you call the Remove method on a package while a Remove operation is already in progress or queued, might overwrite the current operation and only handle the latest Remove operation.

정적 변수

LogLevelGets or sets the log level that the Package Manager uses when logging to the Editor.log and upm.log files. Defaults to LogLevel.Info.

정적 함수

AddAdds a package dependency to the Project. This is the equivalent of installing a package.
Embed Embeds a package inside the Project.
ListLists the packages the Project depends on.
PackCreates a GZip tarball file from a package folder. The format and content of the file is the same as if the package was published to a package registry.
RemoveRemoves (uninstalls) a previously added package from the Project.
ResetToEditorDefaultsResets the list of packages installed for this Project to the editor's default configuration. This operation clears all packages added to the Project and keeps only the packages set for the current editor's default configuration.
ResolveForces the Package Manager to resolve the project's packages, reinstalling any altered or missing package and removing extraneous packages.
SearchSearches the Unity package registry for the given package.
SearchAllSearches the Unity package registry for all packages compatible with the current Unity version.