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How many machines can I install my copy of Unity on?

Every paid commercial Unity license allows a single person to use Unity on two machines that they have exclusive use of. Be it a Mac and a PC or your Home and Work machines. Educational licenses sold via Unity or any one of our resellers are only good for a single activation. The same goes for Trial licenses (Unity 4.x only), unless otherwise stated.

The free version of Unity may not be licensed by a commercial entity with annual gross revenues (based on fiscal year) in excess of US$100,000, or by an educational, non-profit or government entity with an annual budget of over US$100,000.

If you are a Legal Entity, you may not combine files developed with the free version of Unity with any files developed by you (or by any third party) through the use of Unity Pro. See our EULA for further information regarding license usage.

I need to use my license on another machine, but I get that message that my license has been ‘Activated too many times’. What should I do?

You will need to ‘Return’ your license. This enables you to return the license on the machine you no longer require, which in turn enables you to reactivate on a new machine. Refer to Managing your Unity License, for more information.

My account credentials aren’t recognised when logging in during the Activation process?

Ensure that your details are being entered correctly. Passwords ARE case sensitive, so check you are typing exactly as you registered. You can reset your password using this link.

If you are still having issues logging in, contact

Can I use Unity 5.x with my 4.x Serial number?

No, you cannot. In order to use Unity 5.x, you will need to upgrade to a 5.x license. You can do this Online, via our Web Store

I am planning to replace an item of hardware and/or my OS. What should I do?

As with changing machine, you will need to ‘Return’ your license before making any hardware or OS changes to your machine. If you fail to ‘Return’ the license, our server will see a request from another machine and inform you that you have reached your activation limit for the license. Refer to the Managing your Unity License, for more information regarding the return of a license.

My machine died without me being able to ‘Return’ my license, what now?

First, try visiting:

This page should allow you to return activations, through use of the “Disable all activations” button.

If the online page doesn’t help you, then email explaining your situation. Include the details below.

  • The serial number you were using on the machine.
  • The (local network) name of the machine that died.
  • The order or invoice number used to make the purchase.

The Support Team will then be able to ‘Return’ your license manually. This can take some time. Note that this process is not possible for licenses that have not been purchased.

I have two licenses, each with an add-on I require, how do I activate them in unison on my machine?

You cannot. A single license may only be used on one machine at any one time.

Where is my Unity 5.x license file stored?

  • /Library/Application Support/Unity/Unity_v5.x.ulf (OS X)
  • C:\ProgramData\Unity\ (Windows)
  • C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramData\Unity, if Windows User Account Control (UAC) has restricted your access to C:\ProgramData\Unity. (This can happen if the folder is deleted or Unity is started with administrative permissions first time.)

How can I use different Unity versions?

Unity assumes that only a single version of Unity can be run on a machine. You can, however, have multiple Unity versions installed and run on your machine. These versions will all need the same serial number. If you have different versions of Unity which need different licenses then you will need a way to copy licenses around. One way to do this is have the licenses stored on your Desktop. Before running a specific version copy the requiired ULF file into the location where the license needs to be stored.

For any further assistance, please contact at

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Managing your License
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