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Managed stack traces on iOS
Troubleshooting on iOS devices
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Features currently not supported by Unity iOS


  • DXT texture compression is not supported; use PVRTC formats instead. Please see the Texture2D Component page for more information.
  • Rectangular textures can not be compressed to PVRTC formats.
  • Movie Textures are not supported; use a full-screen streaming playback instead. Please see the Movie playback page for more information.


  • Dynamic features like Duck Typing are not supported. Use #pragma strict for your scripts to force the compiler to report dynamic features as errors.
  • Video streaming via WWW class is not supported.
  • FTP support by WWW class is limited.

Features Restricted to Unity iOS Pro License

  • Splash-screen customization

External Libraries

It is recommended to minimize your references to external libraries, because 1 MB of .NET CIL code roughly translates to 3–4 MB of ARM code. For example, if your application references System.dll and System.Xml.dll then it means additional 6 MB of ARM code if stripping is not used. At some point application will reach limit when linker will have troubles linking the code. If you care a lot about application size you might find C# a more suitable language for your code as is has less dependencies than JavaScript.

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Managed stack traces on iOS
Troubleshooting on iOS devices