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Build manifest as ScriptableObject

BuildManifestObject is a ScriptableObject that you can use to access the values in the Build manifest via script, without needing to manually load the UnityCloudBuildManifest.json TextAsset.

It is an optional parameter to the pre-export invoked by Unity Cloud Build, if the UnityCloudBuildManifest.json TextAsset has not been written. (See documentation on Manifest as JSON.)

The following example C# code demonstrates a pre-export method that updates the bundleVersion in PlayerSettings based on the buildNumber provided in the manifest. For more info about pre-export methods, see documentation on Pre- and Post-export methods.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
using System;

public class CloudBuildHelper : MonoBehaviour
    public static void PreExport(UnityEngine.CloudBuild.BuildManifestObject manifest)
        PlayerSettings.bundleVersion = String.Format("1.0.{0}", manifest.GetValue("buildNumber", "unknown"));

This is the public interface for the BuildManifestObject class:

namespace UnityEngine.CloudBuild
    public class BuildManifestObject : ScriptableObject
        // Try to get a manifest value - returns true if key was found and could be cast to type T, otherwise returns false.
        public bool TryGetValue<T>(string key, out T result);
        // Retrieve a manifest value or throw an exception if the given key isn't found.
        public T GetValue<T>(string key);
        // Set the value for a given key.
        public void SetValue(string key, object value);
        // Copy values from a dictionary. ToString() will be called on dictionary values before being stored.
        public void SetValues(Dictionary<string, object> sourceDict);
        // Remove all key/value pairs.
        public void ClearValues();
        // Return a dictionary that represents the current BuildManifestObject.
        public Dictionary<string, object> ToDictionary();
        // Return a JSON formatted string that represents the current BuildManifestObject
        public string ToJson();
        // Return an INI formatted string that represents the current BuildManifestObject
        public override string ToString();

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Build manifest as JSON
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