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Editor settings

The Editor Settings let you choose options that affect the way you work with the editor.


Property: Function:
Unity Remote
Device The device type you will use for remote testing (Android, iOS or none).
Compression The type of image compression used when transmitting the game screen to the device. JPEG typically gives higher compression and performance while PNG gives a more accurate representation of the game display.
Resolution Selects whether the device should show the game display at normal resolution (for graphical accuracy) or downsized (for performance).
Version Control
Mode The version control system that should be used. Different options are available for different systems as described in this section of the manual.
Asset Serialization
Mode To assist with version control merges, Unity can store scene files in a text-based format (see the text scene format pages for further details). If scene merges will not be performed then Unity can store scenes in a more space efficient binary format or allow both text and binary scene files to exist at the same time.
Default Behavior Mode
Mode Chooses between 2D or 3D editor mode. See 2D or 3D Projects for more information.
Sprite Packer
Mode This chooses whether the Sprite Packer is always enabled, enabled for builds only or completely disabled.

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