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Network Lobby Player
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Network Lobby Manager

The NetworkLobbyManager is a specialized type of NetworkManager that provides a multiplayer lobby before entering the main play scene of the game. It allows you to set up a network with:

  • A maximum player limit
  • Automatic start when all players are ready
  • Option to prevent players from joining a game in progress
  • Support for “Couch Multiplayer” (i.e. multiple players per client)
  • Customizable ways for players to choose options while in lobby

There are two types of player objects with the NetworkLobbyManager:

LobbyPlayer Object

  • One for each player
  • Created when client connects, or player is added
  • Persists until client disconnects
  • Holds ready flag and configuration data
  • Handles commands in the lobby
  • should use the NetworkLobbyPlayer component

GamePlayer Object

  • One for each player
  • Created when game scene is started
  • Destroyed when re-entering lobby
  • Handles commands in the game


Property: Function:
showLobbyGUI Show the developer OnGUI controls for the lobby.
maxPlayers The maximum number of players allowed in the lobby.
maxPlayersPerConnection The maximum number of players allowed to be added for each client connection.
lobbyPlayerPrefab The prefab to create for players when they enter the lobby.
gamePlayerPrefab The prefab to create for players when the game starts.
lobbyScene The scene to use for the lobby.
playScene The scene to use for main game play.


  • The lobbyPlayerPrefab slot should be filled by an object with the NetworkLobbyPlayer component on it.
  • There is a GUI for the lobby manager. See the multiplayer-lobby asset package.

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Network Lobby Player