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Item Group ID

The Tizen Seller Store (also known as the Tizen Store) requires that all items available for in-app purchase be grouped into predefined Item Groups. These groups have an Item Group ID assigned by the Tizen Seller Store when they are created. The ID for the group associated with your game must be passed to Unity IAP using the SetGroupId function:


    UnityPurchasing.Initialize(this, builder);

Store Beta vs DevMode

Unity IAP for Tizen does not use the MODE_DEVELOPER option for testing. Test your in-app purchases using the Beta test functionality provided by the Tizen Seller Store.

Purchase restoration

On startup, the Unity IAP system checks for existing Tizen purchases and processes them accordingly. During this process, your IStoreListener.ProcessPurchase implementation is invoked for items the user already owns. The purchase restoration process ignores consumable items.

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Samsung Galaxy apps
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