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The NetworkTransformChild component synchronizes the position and rotation of a child object of an object with a NetworkTransform component. The NetworkTransformChild component should be placed on the same root object as the NetworkTransform, and then the target slot populated with a child object from the heirarchy.

This class does not use physics, it simply synchronizes the position and rotation of the child and lerps towards updated values to at a customizable rate.


Property: Function:
sendInterval How often in seconds the object sends updates.
target child transform to be synchronized.
childIndex A unique Identifier for this NetworkTransformChild component on this root object (read only).
syncRotationAxis Which axis to use for rotation.
rotationSyncCompression What kind of compression to use for rotation.
movementTheshold The threshold to not send position updates.
snapThreshold The threshold to “pop” instead of interpolate.
interpolateRotation Factor to control rotation interpolation.
interpolateMovement Factor to control movement interpolation.

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