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Global Illumination Profiler

The Global Illumination Profiler shows statistics and how much CPU time is consumed by the real-time Global Illumination (GI) subsystem across all worker threads. GI is managed in Unity by a piece of middleware called Enlighten. See documentation on Global Illumination for more information.

Name Description
Total CPU Time Total Enlighten CPU time across all threads.
Probe Update Time Time spent updating Light Probes.
Setup Time Time spent in the Setup stage.
Environment Time Time spent processing Environment lighting.
Input Lighting Time Time spent processing input lighting.
Systems Time Time spent updating Systems.
Solve Tasks Time Time spent running radiosity solver tasks.
Dynamic Objects Time Time spent updating Dynamic GameObjects.
Time Between Updates Time between Global Illumination updates.
Other Commands Time Time spent processing other commands.
Blocked Command Write Time Time spent in blocked state.
Blocked Buffer Writes Number of blocked writes.
Total Light Probes Total number of Light Probes in the Scene.
Solved Light Probes Number of solved Light Probes since the last update.
Probe Sets Number of Light Probe sets in the Scene.
Systems Number of Enlighten Systems in the Scene.

  • 2017–08–30 Page published with limited editorial review

  • New feature in Unity 2017.2

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