Version: 2017.1


class in UnityEditor

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Stores platform specifics settings of a TextureImporter.

See Also: TextureImporter.


allowsAlphaSplittingAllows Alpha splitting on the imported texture when needed (for example ETC1 compression for textures with transparency).
compressionQualityQuality of texture compression in the range [0..100].
crunchedCompressionUse crunch compression when available.
formatформат импортированной текстуры
maxTextureSizeМаксимальный размер текстуры
nameName of the build target.
overriddenSet to true in order to override the Default platform parameters by those provided in the TextureImporterPlatformSettings structure.
textureCompressionCompression of imported texture.

Public Functions

CopyToCopy parameters into another TextureImporterPlatformSettings object.