Version: 2017.1


class in UnityEditor.AI

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Navigation mesh builder interface.

Static Variables

isRunningReturns true if an asynchronous build is still running.

Static Functions

BuildNavMeshBuild the Navmesh.
BuildNavMeshAsyncBuild the Navmesh Asyncronously.
BuildNavMeshDataBuilds a NavMesh data object from the provided input sources.
BuildNavMeshForMultipleScenesBuilds the combined navmesh for the contents of multiple scenes.
CancelCancels an asynchronous update of the specified NavMesh data. See Also: UpdateNavMeshDataAsync.
ClearAllNavMeshesClear all Navmeshes.
CollectSourcesFor convenience, you can create a list of build sources directly from the current geometry.
UpdateNavMeshDataIncrementally updates the NavMeshData based on the sources.
UpdateNavMeshDataAsyncAsynchronously and incrementally updates the NavMeshData based on the sources.