Version: 2017.2


class in UnityEngine.XR

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Global XR related settings.

정적 변수

enabledGlobally enables or disables XR for the application.
eyeTextureDescFetch the eye texture RenderTextureDescriptor from the active stereo device.
eyeTextureHeightThe current height of an eye texture for the loaded device.
eyeTextureResolutionScaleControls the actual size of eye textures as a multiplier of the device's default resolution.
eyeTextureWidthThe current width of an eye texture for the loaded device.
isDeviceActiveRead-only value that can be used to determine if the XR device is active.
loadedDeviceNameType of XR device that is currently loaded.
occlusionMaskScaleA scale applied to the standard occulsion mask for each platform.
renderViewportScaleControls how much of the allocated eye texture should be used for rendering.
showDeviceViewMirror what is shown on the device to the main display, if possible.
supportedDevicesReturns a list of supported XR devices that were included at build time.

정적 함수

LoadDeviceByNameLoads the requested device at the beginning of the next frame.