Version: 2017.2


class in UnityEngine

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The Master Server is used to make matchmaking between servers and clients easy.

You can advertise game hosts or fetch host lists for you game type. The functions here are used to communicate with the Master Server itself which resides on a separate server. If necessary the server itself can be customized. For an overview of the Master Server as well as a technical description see the Master Server manual page.

정적 변수

dedicatedServerReport this machine as a dedicated server.
ipAddressThe IP address of the master server.
portThe connection port of the master server.
updateRateSet the minimum update rate for master server host information update.

정적 함수

ClearHostListClear the host list which was received by MasterServer.PollHostList.
PollHostListCheck for the latest host list received by using MasterServer.RequestHostList.
RegisterHostRegister this server on the master server.
RequestHostListRequest a host list from the master server.
UnregisterHostUnregister this server from the master server.


OnFailedToConnectToMasterServerCalled on clients or servers when there is a problem connecting to the master server.
OnMasterServerEventCalled on clients or servers when reporting events from the MasterServer.