Version: 2017.2
Experimental: this API is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.


class in UnityEngine.Experimental.UIElements


다음으로부터 상속:Experimental.UIElements.VisualElement

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A textfield is a rectangular area where the user can edit a string.


cursorColorThe color of the cursor.
doubleClickSelectsWordSet this to true to allow double-clicks to select the word under the mouse and false if otherwise.
hasFocusReturns true if the textfield has the focus and false if otherwise.
isPasswordFieldSet this to true to mask the characters and false if otherwise.
maskCharThe character used for masking in a password field.
maxLengthThe maximum number of characters this textfield can hold. If 0, there is no limit.
multilineSet this to true to allow multiple lines in the textfield and false if otherwise.
OnTextChangedAction that is called whenever the text changes in the textfield.
OnTextChangeValidatedAction that is called when the user validates the text in the textfield.
selectionColorThe color of the text selection.
tripleClickSelectsLineSet this to true to allow triple-clicks to select the line under the mouse and false if otherwise.


TextFieldCreates a new textfield.

상속된 멤버


styleReference to the style object of this element.

Public 함수

OnStyleResolvedCallback when the styles of an object have changed.