Version: 2021.1
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Special searches

Special searches use opt-in Search Providers that Quick Search ignores unless you explicitly use them. Special searches differ from regular searches in the following ways:

  • You can only execute a special search using its search token.
  • You cannot combine a special search with any other Search Provider.
  • You cannot toggle a special Search Provider on and off in the Filters pane. However, you can disable Special Searches from the Quick Search Preferences.

To perform a special search, prefix your search query with the provider’s search token.

Quick search has the following special Search Providers:

Provider: Función: Search token: Ejemplo:
Help Searches the Quick Search help. ? ?asset

Searches for Quick Search help entries containing the word “Asset”.
Calculator Computes mathematical expressions. = =2*3+29/2

Calculates the answer to the expression 2*3+29/2.
Command Query Searches for items that support a specific command. > >select

Searches for Scene items that you can select.
Files Searches for files find: find:Paint Mat

Searches for all assets paths containing the words paint AND the word mat (e.g.: PaintBrush_Mat.mat, DryWallPainted_Mat.mat)
Objects (Prefab or Scene indexes) Searches for objects o: o: asteroid

Searches all Scene or Prefabs indexes for GameObjects containing the word asteroid in their name.
Static API Method Finds and executes static API methods. # #Mesh

Searches for static API methods with “Mesh” in their names.
Packages Searches the Unity package database. pkg: pkg:vector

Searches the Unity package database for packages that match the term “vector”.
Asset Store Searches the Unity Asset Store. store: store:texture

Searches the Unity Asset Store for Assets that match the term “texture”.
Resource Searches for loaded resources. res: + optional sub-filter res: t: texture

Searches all loaded resources, and returns Texture type resources only.
Saved Queries Searches for saved queries q: q:enemies

Searches all Search Query assets containing the word enemies.
Searching Settings and Preferences
Getting Search help