Version: 2021.1
Analytics event parameters

Analytics Event limits

To maintain an efficient and responsive service, Analytics imposes limits on the Standard and Custom Events a given instance of your game or application can send. These limits include:

  • 100 events per hour (per instance of your game).
  • 10 parameters per event.
  • 500 bytes or characters of data sent in a single event, including the string length of parameter names and the byte size or string length of the parameter values.
  • 100 characters in the name of a custom event .
  • The Analytics Dashboard shows only the 5,000 most frequent event, parameter, parameter value combinations (for categorizable parameter values) in a given day.

All of the AnalyticsEvent functions that send events, return a value from the AnalyticsResult enumeration. If an application exceeds one of the limits, the AnalyticsResult value identifies the specific error encountered:

AnalyticsResult Limit Exceeded
AnalyticsResult.TooManyRequests 100 events per hour
AnalyticsResult.TooManyItems 10 parameters per event
AnalyticsResult.SizeLimitReached 500 bytes of data or 100 characters in the event name

Note: The 100 events per instance limit is a default that suits the majority of Unity Analytics users. If you need a higher event limit for a game or application, contact the Analytics support team to work out a limit suitable to your requirements.

Single Event data limit

You can send up to 500 characters or bytes of data as part of a single Custom or Standard Event. This limit counts the combined string lengths of all the parameter names and the following sizes for parameter values (depending on data type):

C# Data Type Size
byte, ubyte 1
short, ushort 4 (converted to int)
Int, uint 4
long, ulong 8
float 8 (converted to double)
double 8
decimal 8 (converted to double)
cadena String length
object String length after calling ToString()

For example, the following event uses 67 bytes/characters of the data length limit:

    Dictionary<string, object> data = new Dictionary<string, object>();
    data.Add("int_param", 32); // 9 characters + 4 bytes
    data.Add("bool_param", true); // 10 characters + 1 byte
    data.Add("float_param", 3.3f); // 11 characters + 8 bytes
    data.Add("string_param", "String value"); // 12 characters + 12 characters
    AnalyticsResult result = AnalyticsEvent.Custom("custom_event", data);

When you send a Standard Event that defines its own required or optional parameters, the lengths of names and values of the required parameters, and those of any optional parameters, are included in the 500 byte limit, along with any custom data.

The length of the name of an event itself cannot exceed 100 characters in length, but this length is not counted against the 500 byte limit for the event data.

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Analytics event parameters