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struct in UnityEngine

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Struct describing the result of a Global Illumination bake for a given light.

The example below demonstrates how you can check the baked status of a light and change its active state.

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using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class LightBakingOutputExample : MonoBehaviour { void TurnOffLight(Light light) { if (light.bakingOutput.isBaked && light.bakingOutput.lightmapBakeType != LightmapBakeType.Realtime) { Debug.Log("Light got some contribution statically baked, it cannot be turned off at runtime."); } else { light.enabled = false; } } }


isBakedIs the light contribution already stored in lightmaps and/or lightprobes?
lightmapBakeTypeThis property describes what part of a light's contribution was baked.
mixedLightingModeIn case of a LightmapBakeType.Mixed light, describes what Mixed mode was used to bake the light, irrelevant otherwise.
occlusionMaskChannelIn case of a LightmapBakeType.Mixed light, contains the index of the occlusion mask channel to use if any, otherwise -1.
probeOcclusionLightIndexIn case of a LightmapBakeType.Mixed light, contains the index of the light as seen from the occlusion probes point of view if any, otherwise -1.