Version: 2017.4
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class in UnityEngine.Profiling

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Controls the Profiler from script.

You can add custom Profiler sections in your scripts with Profiler.BeginSample and Profiler.EndSample.

In standalone games, the Profiler saves all profiling information to a file when you specify a Profiler.logFile and set both Profiler.enabled and Profiler.enableBinaryLog to true.

Static Properties

enableBinaryLogEnables the logging of profiling data to a file.
enabledEnables the Profiler.
logFileSpecifies the file to use when writing profiling data.
usedHeapSizeLongReturns the number of bytes that Unity has allocated. This does not include bytes allocated by external libraries or drivers.

Static Methods

AddFramesFromFileDisplays the recorded profiledata in the profiler.
BeginSampleBegin profiling a piece of code with a custom label.
BeginThreadProfilingEnables profiling on the thread which calls this method.
EndSampleEnd profiling a piece of code with a custom label.
EndThreadProfilingFrees the internal resources used by the Profiler for the thread.
GetMonoHeapSizeLongReturns the size of the reserved space for managed-memory.
GetMonoUsedSizeLongThe allocated managed-memory for live objects and non-collected objects.
GetRuntimeMemorySizeLongGathers the native-memory used by a Unity object.
GetTempAllocatorSizeReturns the size of the temp allocator.
GetTotalAllocatedMemoryLongThe total memory allocated by the internal allocators in Unity. Unity reserves large pools of memory from the system. This function returns the amount of used memory in those pools.
GetTotalReservedMemoryLongThe total memory Unity has reserved.
GetTotalUnusedReservedMemoryLongUnity allocates memory in pools for usage when unity needs to allocate memory. This function returns the amount of unused memory in these pools.
SetTempAllocatorRequestedSizeSets the size of the temp allocator.